Autism and ADHD Support

The Compass team offer a range of support for young people and adults with autism, ADHD and co-occurring conditions (such as anxiety and low mood).  Our focus is to empower individuals to reclaim their strengths, and to support them in developing resilience, self-esteem and overall well-being.


Psychoeducation is aimed for individuals and their families who may be looking to learn more about a new neurodevelopmental diagnosis or who would like to develop their understanding of an existing diagnosis.

Family Support:

Meeting support needs may involve working with families to develop effective strategies and reward systems. These should be developed in collaboration with an experienced professional to meet the specific needs of the individual and their family as part of a person-centred and neurodiversity affirming approach.

Emotional Literacy/Regulation:

Emotional literacy aims to support the young person or adult to develop the language to describe emotional states and understand them.  Emotional regulation aims to support individuals in managing unwanted or unhelpful emotional experiences.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):

CBT is an evidenced based approach for treating a range of conditions such as anxiety and depression for both young people and adults.  CBT focuses on linking thoughts, feelings and behaviours and introduces strategies to manage and reduce unwanted experiences.  CBT can be modified to attend to the needs of the young person and adult with autism and ADHD.

Speech and Language Therapy:

Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy (PACT) aims to enhance parent-child communication in autism and the social and language development of the child. The approach aims to help parents adapt to their child’s communication style and engage with enhanced sensitivity and responsiveness.

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